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How Matter saved a large U.S. bank millions

How Matter saved a large U.S. bank millions

One of the largest U.S. banks had a problem with its cloud computing: They needed to lower costs, process larger data sets faster, and respond quicker to changing conditions in the industry. The bank decided to look into the benefits of cloud computing.

With its on-campus data centers, the bank was spending exorbitant amounts of money and resources trying to maintain and manage more than 1,600 custom applications out of a single data center. It was clear that a cloud migration could save the company millions.

The bank used Matter for three key cloud migration processes: planning, provisioning and compliance. The platform helped them analyze which applications were the easiest and which were the most valuable to migrate. Matter administered a questionnaire which determines each application’s business value, complexity, infrastructure, optimization patterns, transaction loads, and disaster recovery. They then used the results to develop the application-level migration plans.

It also helped the bank with provisioning the assets in the cloud with automated and reusable libraries of code, building the cloud environment with far less DevOps resources than a traditional cloud build. What’s more, with pre-built compliance modules for the financial industry built right in, Matter allowed the client to not only ensure its compliance before launch, but also in an ongoing capacity.

With the support of Matter, the bank was able to determine how to best categorize each cloud-ready application, and then move those projects forward with ease. Reinforced by its own planning and research, the bank could confidently reallocate the money previously used towards on-site data centers to other areas in the company.