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Announcing Matter

Matter Enters Cloud Automation Market as Industry’s First Complete Solution for Seamless Enterprise Migrations

Matter is the first cloud management platform to automate Planning, Provisioning and Compliance


Atlanta, Ga. – July 24, 2019 – Matter, a cloud-automation and management platform for seamless enterprise deployments launched today with general availability. Matter is built by cloud architects for cloud architects and is the first platform that simplifies and secures complex cloud migrations by providing best-of-breed automation for planning, provisioning and compliance. By addressing all three vital elements in one product, enterprises can now migrate or deploy mission-critical applications faster and easier than ever before.


Cloud migrations are increasingly complicated and resource intensive with more than half of all enterprises reporting a stalled or delayed migration attempt. A recent survey found that global spending on public cloud services and infrastructure will double during the next five years. As more businesses leverage the cloud than ever before, Matter simplifies and secures the complex as the only solution that automates key components in the deployment process with industry-standard best practices in a multi-cloud environment.


ReactorWorks, an Atlanta-based technology startup and the team behind Matter, is led by CEO John Peak.  An entrepreneur and cloud architect by trade with deep experience helping Fortune 500 companies successfully migrate to the public cloud, Peak identified the need to help MSP and DevOps teams better plan, provision and secure their cloud environments in one seamless platform.


“For the past 15 years we’ve watched companies tackle their journey to the cloud and knew there was a need for greater automation across the entire process and a way to make the generational innovation of cloud computing accessible to more businesses,” said Peak. “The market continues to offer solutions that tackle one, or possibly two of the vital elements required to migrate or deploy critical applications to the cloud, and yet we see that more than half of all migrations are failed or stalled.”   He continues, “Matter is the only cloud offering with end-to-end automation that also provides a single source of truth across the entire enterprise cloud migration process. Matter is the first and only DevOps Firewall.”



Matter’s unique Planning Module creates a deployment plan with a truly holistic view using a customizable scoring model that prioritizes applications based on business value while balancing complexity. This allows an enterprise to rigorously plan each deployment ahead of time and move the most accessible and most valuable operations to the cloud first. It is the only platform in the marketplace that creates a snapshot of all operations, and helps to balance complexity with value to ultimately create a roadmap for migration or deployment success.



The Provisioning Module offers autonomous provisioning of cloud infrastructure with as close to “one-click install” as an enterprise deployment can be.  The provisioning module makes it easy to specify and auto-generate all the infrastructure components needed to deploy to the cloud. Matter specifies all aspects of the applications, servers, cloud components and accounts helping to build a stack with ease. Matter can reduce DevOps resource requirements by half and creates robust, compliant and consistent code.



The Compliance Module for Matter ensures cloud compliance, regardless of industry and reduces compliance overhead by 90%. Matter creates automation steps within any continuous integration and deployment pipeline to ensure infrastructure, configuration and software meet all industry compliance standards before they are deployed and then offers continuous infrastructural monitoring once live. Matter reduces compliance efforts by auditing cloud environments against up-to-date compliance regulations for every industry and ensures cloud operations are compliant before provisioning with pre-deployment controls.


Matter is available now via both a limited trial and two-tier paid subscription platform, online at www.matter.cloud.


About Matter

Matter, a ReactorWorks business, is the cloud migration technology platform designed for seamless enterprise migrations and deployments. Matter is the only market offering that can simplify complex cloud deployments by offering automation for all vital steps including planning, provisioning and compliance.  Matter helps organizations “cloud with confidence” through rigorous planning according to business value, autonomously provisioning needed cloud infrastructure and ensuring automatic compliance with industry standards.  Visit www.matter.cloud for more information on trials and licensing.