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Matter helps you plan with Discovery and Analysis tools


Cloud migrations are complex, but Matter’s planning modules help simplify the process. The first step: mapping the applications that can migrate to the cloud, comparing the ease or difficulty of each migration against the prospective business value, and ordering a step-by-step migration plan where the easiest and most valuable migrations move to the cloud first.

Matter simplifies complex planning

Map your cloud migration assets

Systematically identify every workload and plan for your migration to the cloud. Matter works with CMDB tools like ServiceNow and BMC, and with discovery tools such as Risc CloudScape and AWS Discovery Service to help you plan your migration automatically.

Rank your migrations by value and complexity

Matter charts the relative business value of each application and the complexity of migrating the applications to the cloud, making it easy for IT teams to chart migration strategy.

By cloud architects, for cloud architects

Discover and Analyze


Matter helps you import application data, federated surveys, and server information. Once gathered, Matter helps you analyze the data and prioritize your projects by considering current state design, corporate standards, wave planning, future state design, financial analysis, and application profiles.


Whether you want to focus your cloud migrations on cost reductions, data resiliency, or effects on business agility, Matter allows you to develop multiple prioritization models based on business value and application complexity so that you can gain the right insight across all of the applications you need to migrate.


The end result: a migration plan tailored to meet your unique business goals, ranked and prioritized, ready to provision cloud assets.

  • Application Data Import

    Application Data Import

    Import AppCodes and AppCode data in JSON format. This functionality is recommended when importing a lot of applications and data at once.

  • Federated Surveys

    Federated Surveys

    Accurate and complete information for each AppCode’s survey ensures a reliable AppCode Scores graph.

  • Server Information Import

    Server Information Import

    Mass Import allows you to import assets that have been discovered by an Application Documentation Service. Once imported, associate these assets to their AppCode.

  • Scoring & Prioritization

    Scoring & Prioritization

    Matter compares your existing technology and your planned migrations, to help you rank and prioritize which migrations are most valuable.

  • Current State Design

    Current State Design

    By knowing and documenting details of your current environment, you can build business cases, cost/benefit analyses, and future AWS architecture definitions.

  • Corporate Standards

    Corporate Standards

    Define your compliance rules and corporate standards to seamlessly ensure Terraform is compliant.

  • Wave Planning

    Wave Planning

    Matter helps define the fastest, easiest and most valuable projects: the applications you should migrate first.

  • Future State Design

    Future State Design

    Whether your future state requires a brand new, re-hosted, re-platformed or re-architectured environment, Matter helps you plan the required resources.

  • Financial Analysis

    Financial Analysis

    Matter defines the estimated cost of migration patterns, allowing you to make data-driven decisions between architectures.

  • Application Profiles

    Application Profiles

    Select and configure from more than 50 plugins to generate terraform.

Get Matter

Matter is available for enterprise deployments on a trial or licensed basis. Contact us today to see how Matter can help your organization cloud with confidence.

Need Help with Matter?

If you have questions about Matter for support, or if you want to learn more about Matter from our sales team, let us know. At Matter, we make sure every migration is a successful migration.