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Matter makes it easy to specify and auto-generate the infrastructure components you want to deploy, so you can transition your enterprise to the cloud efficiently, consistently, and securely.

Matter builds your foundation automatically

Streamlines Cloud Initiatives

Matter helps you migrate faster and more efficiently, by leveraging automation to develop libraries of reusable code.

Build your stack with ease

Matter specifies all aspects of the applications, servers, cloud platform components and accounts. It's as easy as checking boxes.

Infrastructure, Configured.

With your application and account level setup complete, Matter creates and configures your infrastructure, so your application teams can directly integrate their code.

Matter automates manual provisioning processes

Define your foundations, auto-generate your environments


With Matter, you can create, edit and configure individual accounts, or across all of your AWS accounts, all in one place. Matter generates the code required to accomplish your necessary application and account-level setup, automatically creating and configuring your infrastructure, so your application teams can directly integrate their code.

  • Networking Configuration

    Networking Configuration

    Matter allows you to design and provision the VPCs you want, and deploy them with ease. Define the VPCs for the Primary Region and the DR Region with a few simple clicks.

  • VPC & Subnet Design

    VPC & Subnet Design

    Select the number of IP addresses you want in your VPC and a CIDR will be generated based on the current configuration. Subnet IP addresses will be distributed evenly depending on the size of the VPC.

  • IAM & AD Setup

    IAM & AD Setup

    Securely control access to AWS and your account resources with IAM and AD setup.

  • Global Addresses

    Global Addresses

    Control and edit the detailed list of the IP address ranges assigned to and used in AWS.

  • Architectural Patterns

    Architectural Patterns

    Build your infrastructure model to ebb and flow with real-time customer traffic patterns.

  • Security & Configuration Libraries (Security, Industry, Regulatory)

    Security & Configuration Libraries (Security, Industry, Regulatory)

    Security, industry and regulatory libraries let you easily manage configurations and relationships between AWS resources.

  • Approved Workflow

    Approved Workflow

    With planning complete, transition your approved workflows into Terraform with ease.

  • Organization & Account Setup

    Organization & Account Setup

    Matter makes it simple to set up organization and account level provisioning across multiple migrations and accounts.

  • Infrastructure Code Generation

    Infrastructure Code Generation

    For many organizations, infrastructure code generation is time consuming and tedious. Matter automates code generation utilizing the latest in AWS best practices.

Get Matter

Matter is available for enterprise deployments on a trial or licensed basis. Contact us today to see how Matter can help your organization cloud with confidence.


Need Help with Matter?

Questions for support? Want to learn more about Matter? Let us know. At Matter, we make sure every migration is a successful migration.