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Seamless Migration for a Financial Services Giant

Seamless Migration for a Financial Services Giant

One of the largest financial services companies built its reputation by helping clients achieve financial confidence through a full suite of products, services, including deposits, lending, credit cards, and investment services. While the company continued to grow, so did the company’s expenses. To store it’s the company and clients’ data, the financial firm relied on three on-campus data centers to host its 5,000 custom-built applications, spending tens of millions of dollars each year on its IT data center.

As the company asked itself what it could do to reduce the cost of its IT infrastructure without losing confidence in its scalability, agility, security and data resiliency, it became clear that transferring IT operations from an on-campus data center to the cloud was the best option. The company launched the beginning stages of a comprehensive modernization project to migrate a significant portion of its application infrastructure from data centers to the cloud.

After careful consideration, the financial services giant selected Matter as their migration platform. Matter harnesses the power of the cloud to fuel businesses success and growth through seamless enterprise migration.

Matter allowed the company to automate key processes in any cloud deployment: planning, provisioning and compliance. With the help of Matter the financial services company was able to successfully migrate key applications to the cloud, quickly and with no data lost in the process. The financial services company was also saved millions in servers, storage, network, and labor costs. In the cloud, the company found stronger reliability, increased business agility and stability, best-in-class security and optimized capacity.

With key modules built to simplify the complex, Matter was how the financial services firm experienced a nearly seamless cloud migration of business-driving applications.